Saturday, 10.12.2016, 05:30 pm

Song recital Venija – Poetry is my heart and Soul


The songs of the young singer from Cologne lead us with much heart and wit and charm on road and rail, through the weekly market, to robbers’ dens and corner pubs. They tell stories of roadsides and counters, monsters and cheerfulness, nonsense and cozy liquor nights.

German Chanson meets Argentinian Samba and international Folklore-pop.

Self-made and swiped.

Venija and her ladies band “Heckenkapelle” have had successful concert series and festival appearances. She sings also solo wherever it is beautiful, in living rooms, kitchens, cafes, pubs, at small festivals, all over Germany.

And now in Tbilisi, too! We are delighted to have the opportunity to listen to Venija on the 10th of December in Hotel Suliko.

She feels drawn to Georgia since long, by its mountains, friends and most of all, by music: “A piece of my heart belongs to the Georgian Folklore”, she reveals to us.

Venija – alias Eva Maria Kuhn – organized a concert tour in Germany for the Georgian ensemble ADILEI this autumn, just because she was so enraptured by them: “The boys are just incredible!”

Thus it is not surprising, that Georgia is to be found in many of her songs. Thus, while listening to her songs you may recognize Svanetian Mountains, a good sip of Tchatcha or a beautiful warm summer evening on a balcony in Tbilisi…

She carries her first CD, recorded at the young studio label “STADTSTREICHER RECORDS” in Hamburg, always in her travel bag.


Audio sample (Venija and the “Heckenkapelle”)

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